•     Bursitis

The bursa is a small sac filled with fluid, There are more than 150 bursa in the human body.It sits between bones, tendons, joints and muscles and acts as a buffer, preventing them from rubbing against each other. When bursae become inflamed, they may cause pain. Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa due to friction, violence or bacterial infection.

Arthritis/Joint Pain

  •     What kind of performance does bursitis have?

Inflammation occurs in one or more joints, often accompanied by red, swelling, heat, pain, dysfunction and joint deformity, seriously leading to joint disability and affecting the quality of life of patients.

  •     What are the symptoms of bursitis?

The typical symptoms of bursitis are swelling of the joint,local tenderness,pitting edema,slightly higher skin temperature, redness, and the patient may experience persistent high fever.

  •     How to treat slippery vesiculitis?

  • Medication
  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Full rest and affected limb braking
  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture
  • PowerCure Laser physiotherapy

PowerCure laser therapy has a good therapeutic effect on mild and severe bursitis,and long-term use has an effective effect on joint maintenance and repair

  •     What is PowerCure? What problems can it help to solve?

PowerCure perfectly combines 4pcs medical 808nm and 12pcs household 650nm laser diodes, works deep inside the cell to relieves pain, reduces inflammation, accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, improves blood vessel activity, and reduces fibrous tissue formation.

Suitable for a wide variety of diseases, including soft-tissue and motor injuries, arthritis, repetitive stress injury, wound healing, and a large number of other medical problems. PowerCure has been clinically proved to be a safe and effective treatment method.

  •     Treatment guidelines

1.Treatment site: Close to the treatment site, change the irradiation angle around the lesion every 10 minutes of treatment.

2.We recommend each time twice a day for about 30 minutes.Seven days is a treatment course, 2 days apart.Three courses of treatment are recommended.

3.After the efficacy appears, the consolidation therapy may continue.During this period, once a day for 30 minutes each.Treatment was performed for 7 consecutive days. After the curative effect appears, the consolidation treatment can be continued. At this period once a day and 30 minutes each time. Continuous treatment for 7 days, and 3 treatment courses are recommended.


The effect varies, so keep using it.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for free.