•   Knee Pain

Knee pain usually involves joint damage, osteoarthritis and, less commonly, infections, tumors and other diseases. Specific performance is localized swelling, dull pain, hydrops articuli, bone destruction, dysarthrose.

Arthritis/Joint Pain

  •   What can cause knee pain?

There are many reasons for knee pain, such as bad posture, knee lesions, and even waist, hip lesions can also cause knee pain and other discomfort, and only to identify the symptoms, symptomatic treatment, can fundamentally solve the problem.

  •   symptom

The location and severity of knee pain varies depending on the cause of the problem. Local swelling, space occupying lesion or bleeding, fracture, Stiff knee, flexion deformity and claudication

  •   How to prevent and control?

  • Take medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Closed and jaw plate
  • Low level laser penetrating physiotherapy using PowerCure to promote anti-inflammatory analgesia

PowerCure is your home therapy device,provides better anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, promotes cell regeneration and enhances knee joint function

  •     What is PowerCure? What problems can it help to solve?

PowerCure perfectly combines 4pcs medical 808nm and 12pcs household 650nm laser diodes, works deep inside the cell to relieves pain, reduces inflammation, accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, improves blood vessel activity, and reduces fibrous tissue formation.


The medial knee was placed for 8 minutes, and then treated along the left and right side of the knee for 8 minutes.The connection point between the hip joint and the knee can also be treated. In the case of injury or trauma, treatment should be started as soon as possible after injury for 6-8 minutes.

In the case of chronic pain, the dose was gradually increased for 30s per day, starting at the 1.5 min dose at each treatment point, until the duration of treatment reached 6 – 8 min at each treatment point.

We all recommend the above treatment twice a day.

Experience has shown that the pain can be relieved within a few days.

Knee Pain
Knee Pain
Knee Pain
Knee Pain
Knee Pain
Knee Pain
  • Knee inner joint, outer joint, left and right

The effect varies, so keep using it.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for free.