•   Tendonitis

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are prone to tendinitis due to overuse of muscle fibers and repeated intense pulling. In addition to involving the tendon itself, it can also involve the tendon sheath.

Arthritis/Joint Pain

  •   What the source of the  tendonitis?

A lack of blood supply to the tendon and repeated minor injuries often lead to major injuries.Repeated or severe trauma, strain injury, and overwork were the most common possible causes.

  •   The treatment of tendinitis includes three elements:

  • Recovery limits the movement of the affected tendon
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Rehabilitation of injured tendons, joints, and muscles includes restoration of normal tendon mobility and tolerance to loading
  • Fixed with an elastic bandage
  • The PowerCure laser can reduce inflammation and pain relief, and reduce the pain of tendinitis.

PowerCure is your home therapy device,provides better anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, promotes cell regeneration and enhances muscle fiber function

  •     What is PowerCure? What problems can it help to solve?

PowerCure perfectly combines 4pcs medical 808nm and 12pcs household 650nm laser diodes, works deep inside the cell to relieves pain, reduces inflammation, accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, improves blood vessel activity, and reduces fibrous tissue formation.


The device was treated along the wrist attached to the palm for 8 min, twice a day.The device was treated separately along the medial and lateral side of the wrist for another 8 minutes, twice a day.

Experience shows that pain relief may be expected within days.

We suggest twice a day and about 30 minutes each time.

7 days is one treatment session and 2 days interval between 2 sessions.

It is recommended to use 3 treatment sessions.

  • The wrist is connected to the palm
  • To treat the medial wrist
  • To treat the lateral wrist

The effect varies, so keep using it.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for free.