Jorge A. Becerril

Jorge A. Becerril

5 / 5

This handheld red light therapy device works well to relieve my hip and backbone pains in 15-20 minutes. After using it for 4 days, the pains had gone away. I do need to use it every day in the first 2 weeks and every other day afterward for maintenance. My hips and back feel 10 years younger. Since I started using this device, I no longer need to take curcumin extracts daily to relieve the joint pains. I found it most effective if I put the device directly on the skin. The red light device also helped heal the cold sore on my lips in half of the normal time (I put it about an inch away from my lips.)

Convenience: I have another larger red light therapy array for the rest of the body. But frankly, it is more convenient to use this handheld device to relieve joint pains whenever and wherever I need it. It is fairly easy to operate.

Build quality: The white plastic shell is smooth and of high quality. There is no logo or branding, though. I have dropped it on the carpet or tile floor a few times, and there was no crack or ding. Once charged, the battery lasts at least a couple of hours of use. Overall, the quality of the device is high. I only have it for about 2 months, but I expect it to last.


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