Pandora Bessie

5 / 5

Packaging: The packaging is what I like, it is brief and exquisite, very environmentally friendly, and can protect the product well.Texture: The exterior of the PowerCure is white, which I like, and it feels very ergonomic to use. I especially like the large electronic screen, which can be used close to the skin and is very convenient.Results: I used it to treat my Achilles tendonitis, I have used it for two courses, Customer service told me that the powerful healing laser helps heal the Achilles tendon by releasing endorphins, which reduces pain. It enhances the production of anti-inflammatory enzymes and releases collagen, which is needed to help tissue repair. I feel very good, the pain has reduced, and I will follow the instructions for the next course of treatmentRecommendation: I think PowerCure is very good, I also need a handheld device to give me treatment anytime, anywhere, and I will buy more powerful products.


PowerCure Fast Handheld Pain Relief Cold Laser Device