Sherry Dulles

5 / 5

The product is exquisite, small and delicate for household use, the model is beautiful and simple to operate.  I haven’t felt the pain in my arms and lumbar spine after using it for a period of time. The effect is beyond expectations. It can relieve back pain. I really like its spherical lens, which can control the distance very well. That’s good, there is a good auxiliary rehabilitation effect, and the overall is very satisfied.It is really great to prepare such a small physiotherapy device at home. PowerCure is affordable and has exact effects. It is suitable for people of different ages in the whole family. It can treat hand, foot, waist, back, sports injuries, etc. . PowerCure really gave me a very big surprise, I have become a big fan of PowerCure.


PowerCure Fast Handheld Pain Relief Cold Laser Device