Laser Therapy in Sports Medicine

Regardless of your exercise level, a good therapeutic option can help your body function more efficiently. Both colleges and athletic programs of professional levels across the U.S. have adopted laser therapy as a standard therapeutic option in their database of sports medicine. The allure of sports medicine is to stay as active as possible during recovery. Laser therapy can better manage the state of an illness while engaging patients in movements that do not hinder their healing process.


Light energy at specific wavelengths such as 605nm and 808nm can stimulate fibroblast growth in damaged tissue. Fibroblasts are the ingredients of collagen, an essential protein used to replace old tissue or repair tissue damage. Lasers with repairing capabilities are called low-level lasers.


Low-level lasers also have an anti-inflammatory effect on tissues. It promotes vasodilation and also activates the lymphatic drainage system and thus drains the swollen area, which helps to reduce swelling caused by inflammation or bruising. In view of the nature of vasodilation, these effects can also help relieve the “tight” feeling in muscles and tendons by increasing the nutrient supply to the area.


Low-level lasers also have a role in reducing muscle fatigue.

Powercure Pro works in sports medicine by harnessing the analgesic effects of light energy laser therapy to boost the brain and adrenal glands to produce high levels of pain-relieving chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins. Light energy also affects nerve cells and it can block nerve cell transmission, reducing sensitivity and pain, thus helping athletes recover physical performance quickly.


Other therapies can sometimes be combined with laser therapy. These can include cryotherapy, stretching, medication. However, please keep in mind that therapy related to sports medicine or laser therapy should always be conducted under the advice of a doctor. Although portable therapy devices can be used at home, just to be on the safe side, you can consult a professional doctor before treatment. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you want to know more about laser therapy, please contact our customer service on our official website.

Laser Therapy in Sports Medicine
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