Save your “Text Neck”

In order to stay connected to the world, whether it’s work or life, we can’t live without our cell phones and the Internet, but looking down at our phones for long periods of time puts a great burden on our necks, and as a result comes cervical spine disease Clinically termed “Text Neck”, this new epidemic is affecting millions of people and has become a global concern.

A recent article by Kenneth Hansraj in United States National Library of Medicine further explains how chronically ill patients put their neck health at risk, expressing these in detail:

Long-term mobile phone use may cause changes in the neck, including but not limited to cervical degenerative changes due to repeated pressure from frequent forward flexion (looking at the phone), which in severe cases can lead to:

  • The spine flattens out
  • Early onset of arthritis
  • Spinal dislocation
  • Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc
  • Muscle injury
  • Nerve injury

We should understand the impact of bad living habits on our health, and what we should do if we have bad effects.

So I recommend you to buy a home handheld laser therapy machine PowerCure. Low level laser physical chronic therapy can help you repair the damaged body.

Laser therapy devices replenish the body’s cells with energy (often called photobiological effects or photobiochemical effects). They increase cell regeneration and increase cell communication. Your cells need energy to heal. Using lasers has proven to increase the amount of energy a cell needs to perform every function, stay healthy, or regenerate and heal itself after an injury. Your cells need energy to heal. Used twice a day, PowerCure will enhance the communication of damaged cells in your cervical spine. Try it out for your neck! For more information, please contact us.

Save your "Text Neck"
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