Relieve pain Let’s try low level laser therapy

When pain occurs, how do you stop it? Some people may take medication or receive closed treatment, while others will silently endure the pain. In fact, in physical therapy, there is a treatment to stop pain – low level laser therapy(LLLT).


What is low level laser therapy(LLLT)?

In 1967, MesterE, an international clinical medical scientist, first discovered the phenomenon of low level laser acting on biological tissues to produce biological effects.Since then, many scholars have done deep research on its mechanism and efficacy in treating diseases through animal and clinical experiments, and proposed low level laser therapy(LLLT),LLLT mainly uses the bio-stimulation effect produced by the low level laser irradiation organism to adjust the body’s immune system, nervous system, blood circulation system and tissue metabolic system, etc., so that the pathological state is restored to normal, thus achieving the purpose of treating diseases.Now it is widely used in various clinical departments.


The most outstanding advantage of laser treatment is that it is non-invasive, drug-free and painless, and can be safely applied to patients of advanced age and poor general condition.


Application of low level laser in medical treatment

Laser therapy instrument charges human cells (usually called photobiological effect or photobiochemical effect), mobilizing the conformational change and function improvement of cellular tissue, and has become the third therapy after drugs and surgery.

When laser is used in physiotherapy, the semiconductor laser with 650 nm or 810 nm wavelength is usually used to irradiate the affected area at a distance of 1~2 cm from the skin.Laser can penetrate the depth of 5~7 cm under the skin, accelerate the absorption and dissipation of inflammatory exudate, reduce the compression of inflammatory swelling on nerve endings, correct ischemia, hypoxia, edema, relieve pain.During treatment, the patient does not feel anything.

PowerCure uses innovative spherical lenses that act as a uniform light source, making the treatment spot more uniform,In addition, the spherical lens provides better control over the treatment distance, making it easier for the user to operate and comfortable to move. The treatment head is directly in contact with the skin without being suspended.


What should be noticed when undertaking laser treatment?

In the acute phase of symptoms, patients should use laser therapy instrument 1 to 2 times a day for laser irradiation treatment, each treatment for more than 30 minutes, seven days a course of treatment, two days after the interval, can be the second cycle of treatment.Continuous laser treatment creates a superposition of energy in the body, which not only reduces the tension of swollen glands and reduces pain, but also regulates blood circulation and improves resistance to disease.The laser should not irradiate the eyes, the thyroid gland, malignant tumors, and the abdomen of pregnant women. It is prohibited for people who are sensitive to light, people with bleeding or bleeding tendencies, patients with high fever, and patients with infectious diseases such as active tuberculosis.

Relieve pain Let's try low level laser therapy
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