Low power laser instead of acupuncture for pain management

Acupuncture, which originated in China, has great potential and unique effects. It has a complete set of natural therapies and can treat many diseases that modern medicine can’t handle.Acupuncture is easy to be combined with science and technology, easy to operate and has no side effects, and has become an important part of the world’s medicine and a new medical science.In clinical practice, traditional acupuncture often occurs abnormal phenomena such as bending needle, stagnation needle, folding needle, acupuncture dizziness, stabbing important organs and so on, and some acupoints are not suitable for acupuncture.

The biological stimulation effect of low intensity laser has been proved by many facts and accepted by people.This low-intensity laser treatment is also called nonsurgical treatment. It includes laser therapy and laser acupuncture.Laser physiotherapy refers to low-intensity laser irradiation of the lesion to light stimulation as a physical factor, causing certain adjustments in the body’s nervous system blood circulation system, thus changing the body’s pathophysiological processes, so as to restore normal, to play a role in the treatment of the disease.

Laser therapy works in the same way as traditional acupuncture, but is safer and more convenient to use. Causes the patient to release several pain-killing chemicals from the brain, adrenal glands and other areas.Some patients who had been treated with acupuncture and had no effect had significant improvement after being referred to laser therapy.When operating, the laser beam is directed at the patient’s acupuncture point for 15-30 seconds, with short pulses and appropriate frequency for better results.At the same time, the patient’s pulse is monitored, and when it beats more strongly, it indicates that the laser has hit the acupuncture point. Usually a patient suffering from periodic migraines can have their pain relieved after five such treatments.

Laser therapy is 80% to 85% effective in reducing pain in patients with arthritis, migraines, neck sprains and abdominal and back pain, according to W. Bauermeister, a acupuncture specialist and director of the Pain Center at Parkwood Hospital in Parkwood, Mass.

Because of the exact efficacy of home laser therapy instrument, no side effects, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to use, painless treatment and other characteristics, has been widely used in a large number of families, hospitals, nursing homes, communities and so on. Smart handheld laser device PowerCure Continuous mode + pulse mode Mild release of energy with instantaneous release of stronger energy, penetrate deepmuscles, relieve nerves and blood vessels.

Low power laser instead of acupuncture for pain management
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