Specialized methods for the prevention and treatment of skeletal muscle injuries

Muscle injury is a common injury during exercise, and its incidence accounts for 10%-50% of all sports injuries. Although some progress has been made in recent years on the molecular and cytological regulatory mechanisms of skeletal muscle regeneration and repair, However, there is no specific method to prevent and treat skeletal muscle injury in clinic.

Low power laser is a small dose of laser that can stimulate, regulate and activate the local and whole body without causing tissue cell damage,Low power laser therapy has the advantages of safety, convenience, low cost and wide effect, and has been applied in clinical practice in many countries.In the rehabilitation of muscle injury, the efficacy of low-intensity laser therapy is also emphasized.

In recent years, scholars have conducted in-depth studies on the relationship between oxidative stress and exercise-induced fatigue and exercise-induced muscle injury. In experimental studies on rat animal models,After acute gastrocnemius blunt trauma, the plasma MDA level of rats in the natural healing group showed an increasing trend, and did not return to the normal level on the 7th day after the injury.MDA, as a representative product of lipid peroxidation, is a sensitive index to measure the intensity of free radical reaction.These results indicate that acute skeletal muscle blunt contusion can locally produce a large number of free radicals and induce strong lipid peroxidation reaction in the injured muscle. Meanwhile, plasma MDA content in the low-power laser treatment group did not increase significantly after injury.

Y amaya M,Shiroto C K ashibaH,et al found that low-power lasers can increase the production of reactive oxygen species in neutrophils by activating the superoxide conversion system.0 Lban M, Wachowicz B also reported that low-power laser irradiation can activate the superoxide generation system more quickly. O Lban et al irradiated pig platelets with a 670nm laser and found that lipid peroxides (LPO) and peroxide ion generation were observed.

In this study, the laser group recovered faster than the natural healing group.On the 7th day after the injury, the SOD activity and antioxidant capacity of the damaged muscle could be significantly increased by low power laser irradiation. It can reduce lipid peroxidation injury after skeletal muscle injury.

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Specialized methods for the prevention and treatment of skeletal muscle injuries
Specialized methods for the prevention and treatment of skeletal muscle injuriesA low-power laser physiotherapy experiment
Specialized methods for the prevention and treatment of skeletal muscle injuriesWhy do I suggest that every family should have a laser therapy machine