The connection between laser acupuncture and PowerCure Pro

What is laser acupuncture

The traditional treatment of acupuncture has been originated in China for thousands of years.Clinical studies in modern medicine have proven the effectiveness of acupuncture, which has successfully relieved problems from muscles to bones, from back pain, neck pain, headaches to osteoarthritic pain.

Australians often visit their GP for pain relief. Twenty percent of Australian adults suffer from chronic pain. However, most of them do not see acupuncturists because they are afraid of the pain associated with acupuncture.Fortunately, there is another option for these people.

PowerCure Pro offers a way to overcome the fear of needles while still getting the benefits of acupuncture.PowerCure Pro is based on the basic concept of traditional acupuncture, but instead of using needles to mechanically pierce acupuncture points, it uses light energy from a laser to stimulate, or “Pierce,” the same acupoint.

It’s a painless treatment

Unlike traditional acupuncture, the PowerCure Pro laser is completely painless. This is a great way to attract clients with needle phobia.

It’s non-invasive

Laser piercing does not involve piercing the body with a needle. The risk of infection is zero because you don’t break the skin. And the PowerCure Pro can reach parts of the body that can’t be pierced by acupuncture.

Treatment is quick and easy

The PowerCure Pro is so easy to operate and quick to treat that the whole family can use it independently by shining a laser at the painful area for 30 minutes a day.

Any part of the body except near the eyes can be treated with the PowerCure Pro laser.Even if you have a cut or injury, you can still shine the laser on the area without any contraindications.

The connection between laser acupuncture and PowerCure Pro
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