Green therapy for the 21st century

The laser is regarded as one of the four great inventions of the 20th century (laser, semiconductor, atomic energy and computer). In the early 1990s, Russia was the first country to use low level lasers for medical treatment.Russian cosmonauts carry laser energy into space as an important tool for auxiliary treatment and health care,which has shocked the medical community around the world.

Light with a wavelength of 650nm can penetrate tissues such as skin, fat, muscle, and vascular wall without harming the body’s tissue cells.It is a low-energy laser with a power of 5mw,the radiation density is far below the injury threshold for body and blood damage.The experiment of laser irradiation on the nasal cavity shows that the laser penetrates the human body without causing any damage to the body. A large amount of laser energy penetrates the blood vessel wall and other tissues and is absorbed by the blood, which has a good therapeutic effect.

In recent years, scientists in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have transferred low level laser therapy to the civil society,as an important promotion project of health care, medical treatment and anti-aging,especially the widespread use among astronauts, international professional athletes, royalty, politicians, businessmen and celebrities.It has been affirmed by the European Laser Medical Association, The Japanese Laser Medical Association and the American Laser Application Association, and even called the low level laser therapy “21st century green therapy”.

PowerCure aims to bring this “green therapy” into everyone’s home.It uses four medical 808nm lasers that penetrate the painful area by approximately 5-7 cm and can be used to treat arthritis, knee, shoulder pain, etc.Twelve household use 650nm lasers are also used to penetrate the walls of blood vessels in superficial layers (e.g. 2-3 cm of skin) to relieve superficial pain and wound healing. The perfect combination of the two types of laser treatment is non-invasive, sterile, safe and easy to operate, and has been widely used in many countries.

Green therapy for the 21st century
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Green therapy for the 21st centuryPowercure- a good helper off the sports field