A brief history of the development of Low level laser

Since the invention of the world’s first ruby laser by American physicist Meyman in 1960,  With the continuous understanding and research of laser, people have begun to gradually use laser to serve human health.

In 1966, Hungarian physics doctor Endre Mester discovered the photobiological stimulation effect of weak lasers, and since then, low level laser have been used in the rehabilitation of biological tissues.

Since 1967, more than 2000 laser medical research reports have been published all over the world, among which low level laser treatment reports are mainly from Russia and Europe. These studies show that low level laser therapy is safe and effective.

In the 1970s, it was the first time that low level laser was used in space as a health care measure for astronauts in space, which shocked the medical circle all over the world and praised it as “the light of human life”.

In recent years, scientists in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have promoted this technology as an important promotion project for medical treatment, health care and anti-aging to the people, and it has been affirmed by international laser associations and called “21st century medical miracle”.

In 2002, the FDA of the United States approved the technology of low level laser treatment of wrist syndrome, so that the application of low level laser therapy in North America is also gradually popularized.

Current clinical research in the medical community has confirmed that low level laser irradiation is very effective for more than 100 diseases, especially for the relief and prevention of sudden cardiovascular disease and its sequelae rehabilitation has a very good effect.

Smart handheld laser device PowerCure was developed to make the technology of low level laser therapy commercially viable. PowerCure is a full physical chronic therapy,It’s on the cutting edge of medical technology,Using 650nm+808nm low level laser for human and animal use, can effectively treat acute and chronic pain, easy to operate, specially designed for home use!

A brief history of the development of Low level laser
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