Use Powercure to promote healing when you are injured

Near-infrared wavelength of 650 nm, 810 nm laser has extensive biological effect,It is characterized by improving blood circulation, promoting blood vessel dilation and muscle relaxation, promoting the metabolism of painful substances, inhibiting the excitement of nerve cells, promoting the activity of organisms, enhancing body immunity, thus playing the role of analgesia, anti-infection, accelerating wound healing and regeneration.

By activating the function of macrophages, Low level laser can improve the body’s systemic and local immunity and play an anti-infection role.

  • By reducing the permeability of blood vessel wall, reduce inflammation exudation, congestion, edema;;
  • It can promote the formation and growth of neovascularization and increase the content of RNA and glycogen in cells;
  • Promote fibrocyte hyperplasia, granulation tissue growth, promote new epithelial tissue regeneration;

It can also improve the ratio of DNA/RNA in tissue cells, promote cell regeneration, improve blood circulation, stimulate the body to improve tissue blood flow, improve metabolism level, accelerate the dissolution of necrotic tissue and fall off, so as to promote wound healing.


When you have an injury, traditional dressings take a long time to heal. Therefore, on the basis of conventional treatment, weak laser irradiation is added to improve the curative effect, accelerate wound healing and shorten the course of disease.The application of low-power laser irradiation for wound treatment was initially started by Mester E et al. in 1971.Mester believed that low-power laser not only had biological puncture effect, but also had accumulation effect, which stimulated the healing of various wounds. This great application has led to more people getting involved in the study of wound healing under weak laser light, Lotuxs, a high-tech company based on laser technology from China, has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices in China. Lotuxs developed the smart handheld laser device PowerCure, which has a good promotion effect on wound healing,Using 12pcs 650nm wavelength +4pcs 808nm wavelength laser to irradiate pain site, promote blood circulation to stimulate cell activity, so that the body in an active stateIt is good for healing wounds and regulating body functions. Smart handheld laser device PowerCure is selling well all over the world and has been widely used in communities, hospitals and families.

Use Powercure to promote healing when you are injured
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